Empowerment: Beyond Continuous Improvement

13 Oct 2016
11:15 - 11:45

Empowerment: Beyond Continuous Improvement

Process Optimization Pillar

Take your SSC’s Continuous Improvement Strategy to the Next Level: Bottom-Up Approach and Increased Empowerment to Achieve Better Business Results

A smart approach to both increased productivity and loyalty resides in the establishment of a properly adapted continuous improvement methodology. With today’s new tools and technologies in place, most seem to think that CI “has lived”. This session will explore what you can get out of creativity and “discontinuous” improvement.

  • The “most important” steps of continuous improvement – after opportunity identification and evaluation comes the real thing: solution implementation and application
  • Lean, Six Sigma or BPM: Can you really make a difference in the business outcomes?
  • Less control from above, more empowerment from down: Break the barriers and try out the “discontinuous improvement”
  • Change management and mindset adaptability: What if soft skills, creativity and applied psychology were your best allies to improved business results
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