Krzysztof Pimpicki

CEO & Founder, Harmodesk - PL
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Unleashing Untapped GBS Potential:
How to Boost Productivity by 30% and resolution time by 3X in 3 months?

Take advantage of a 75-minute interactive workshop focusing on new, automated ways of managing operations in business services

  • You will find out what are commonly unseen problems resulting from legacy ways of ops management
  • You will discover why a simple solution can unleash so much time for your teams. We will discuss 2 relevant case studies
  • During the tablet-powered simulation, you will experience how automated task management boosts performance and creates an engaging hybrid workspace
  • You will work on Harmodesk, an IT solution that integrates easily with all systems used in business services. The app allows you to better organize, prioritize and dispatch tasks among teams, as well as measure and visualize the current status of your “to-do” list more effectively
  • Find out how automated tasks allocation brings simplicity and eliminates lack of visibility, unbalanced workload and repetitive service issues.