Agenda Day 1 – Stream

Tuesday 17th October – Agenda Day 1

08:00 – 09:00

Morning Registration

09:00 – 09:15

Opening Remarks

09:15 – 09:55

General Overview, Market Trends and Future Perspectives of the SSC Industry in the Baltic Region and Around

This opening session will bring a general overview of the main challenges faced by SSCs in the region, looking at global European trends to compare with and analyze the specificities of the market and its future evolution.

  • Quick overview of the current situation and trends: Facts and figures from around the Baltics (salaries, quality vs. cost arbitrage, etc.)
  • Regional cooperation: An impossible dream?
  • From transactional to strategic SSCs: Are specialized functions with specific language support the right move for the future of the industry?
  • The anticipated effects of Brexit: How will this aspect affect the region (if it does)?

Maciej Kulbat, Center Head – Avon Global Financial SSC (Poland)

09:55 – 10:35

What Does it Take to Introduce RPA Into Daily Work of Modern Banking Operations: A Danske Bank Perspective on Digitalization and Operational Excellence Strategies

  • From needs assessment to go-live: Do’s and don’ts from Danske Bank Lithuania’s RPA journey
  • Establishing a “Global Robotics Centre of Excellence”: How to manage the new robots – humans cohabitation
  • Addressing new team dynamics with the introduction of robot-colleagues and skillset adaptability of future associates
  • A look into future development strategies: Pushing further the benefits of RPA

Rosita Vasilkeviciute, Head Group Services – Danske Bank (Lithuania)

10:35 – 10:50

Structured Speed Networking Session
20-minute ice-breaker to get in touch with your fellow colleagues from various organizations, discuss challenges and exchange business cards… Of which you’ll need plenty!

10:50 – 11:15

Morning Break

STREAM A: HR, Governance & Stakeholder Management

STREAM B: Processes Optimization & Technology Innovation

11:15 – 11:50

CASE-STUDY // Employer Branding Strategies Through Streamlined and Targeted Communication to Attract the Right Candidates

  • Strengths assessment and applied communication to vehicle your company’s core values
  • Piggybacking on corporate communication strategies to leverage on group image and increase visibility during recruitment phases
  • Differentiation is key: Easy to say, but how to do?
  • Social media, partnerships, job fairs… name them all, you have to be everywhere (only if you plan it properly though)

Jørgen Lislerud, Managing Director – Circle K Business Centre (Latvia)
Ieva Zirne, Senior HR Business Partner – Circle K Business Centre (Latvia)

PANEL // Cohabitating and Living With the Robots: All You Need to Know About RPA Solutions from Preparation to Implementation

  • Starting from scratch and needs assessment: Which processes to automate and at what cost?
  • The HR factor: Communication, training, transition and change management
  • Robotics: Threat or opportunity – The end of traditional workforce in transactional activities?
  • RPA is not risk-free: How to design the most efficient contingency plans

Gediminas Mikaliunas, Director, Global Head of Workplace & User Support Services – Barclays Technology Center (Lithuania)

11:50 – 12:20

CASE-STUDY // Harnessing the Power of Your Organization to Create Your Own Pool of Specialists and Cope with the Lack of Talents

  • Quick hits vs. long-term return: Invest now for YOUR sustainable future!
  • Developing internal academies to match education programs with business needs
  • Improved control on your workforce needs and impact on attrition and turn-over
  • It is not about age: Lifelong learning and capability building

Linda Zetmane, HR Business Partner – Tele2 Shared Service Center (Latvia)

CASE-STUDY // Multi-country Operations in Multifunctional SSCs: Benefits of Complementing Locations in CEE and How to Make it Right

  • A bit of project management standards cannot hurt: Precise definition of scope and planning phase to deliver on time and within budget
  • Transition and knowledge transfer: How to efficiently manage the “Lift and Shift” of your high value operations
  • Multiple operations in a multifunctional SSC at the same time: How to (really) have it all right

Gergely Markó, Head of Shared Services – Vodafone (Hungary)

12:20 – 13:30

Lunch and Networking Break

STREAM A: HR, Governance & Stakeholder Management

STREAM B: Processes Optimization & Technology Innovation

13:30 – 14:05

CASE-STUDY // Talent Management is More Than What it Seems: Cherish Them (Not Too Much Though!) if You Want to Stay Competitive

  • “Grow or struggle” or the necessary collaboration among SSCs to help increase the talent pool together
  • Focusing on coaching, leadership and knowledge transfer to back-up your organizations’ future growth from below
  • Going the extra mile: How to deliver more sophisticated career paths for top talents
  • Fast track programs and career shortcuts to keep the best players on board


CASE-STUDY // Moving from Transactional Center to Governance Center – A Case-Study from Avon Poland in Transforming Service Delivery

  • 5 main challenges in business
  • Building GSS set on business value delivery: a shift from process management to business value services
  • The Avon 6-step journey – How to get there

Maciej Kulbat, Center Head – Avon Global Financial SSC (Poland)

14:05 – 14:40

Tomorrow´s Leaders are Your Company’s Life Insurance: Importance of Strategic Leadership Programs in SSCs

  • Peer-to-peer best practice sharing as a way to promote leadership role models from within
  • Going the extra mile: How to deliver more sophisticated career paths for top performers
  • Which technology can help you identify and support your future leaders?

Živilė Valeišienė, Human Resources Director – Western Union (Lithuania)

CASE-STUDY // How Barclays Lithuania are Accelerating Their Transformation Process Using Lean Methodologies

  • An introduction to Barclays Lithuania SSC and their Lean Approach
  • Lessons learnt on how the SSC is kicking-off, developing and achieving results
  • How to find common challenges across SSCs to start improving along

Gediminas Mikaliunas, Director, Global Head of Workplace & User Support Services – Barclays Technology Center (Lithuania)

14:40 – 15:10

HR Analytics in SSC: How to Strategically Use your Organization’s Data to Strongly Link HR and Business Outcomes

  • Which data to collect and how to analyze it to move into the era of predictive analytics applied to HR
  • Engagement, productivity, retention: Can HR analytics be your salvation?
  • Data usage as a tool for more precise and informed HR decisions that impact business


CASE-STUDY // Data Is the New Oil: Looking Deeper Into SEB’s Digitalization Strategy That Collect Group’s Information and Create SSC Capabilities to Centralize Stakeholders’ Data Processing

  • Achieving digitalization and information vision through transformation: moving from encrypted to prescriptive data
  • Combining the new data lake platform with classical data warehouse to collect information from more than 1000 different systems within the group
  • Addressing the technical challenges, company culture changes and organizational transformation implied by the new processes

Rita Paskeviciute, Head of Business Intelligence Solutions – SEB (Lithuania)

15:10 – 15:50

Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break


15:50 – 17:00

Round-Table Session / Discussion
1 hour to deepen in small groups of 8-10 people one “hot topic” to be picked from a list containing the most pressing challenges and issues faced by SSCs in the region. Highly interactive format and follow-ups to get the best out of the experience sharing and networking opportunities offered by the summit. Ideas of subjects to be picked and covered include:

  • How to create more high value-added services in your SSC to move up on the value chain and sustain your operations?
  • Employee engagement: Is the fight already lost before it even starts?
  • Employer branding: Developing a strategy at SSC level to increase attractiveness and rentention
  • Is there really something new with talent management? Strategies in place to attract and retain the brightest minds
  • Global Process Owners framework: How can GPOs bring values to SSCs?
  • First time automation: HR structure, change management and transformation strategies to ensure successful implementation

17:00 – 17:15

Closing Remarks – End of Day 1